Third Coast Music is happy to discuss with you your choices in selecting a guitar for you to use in taking your guitar lessons. All of our instruments are available at manufacturer advertised prices (which is usually a discount off of list price) you can find on any instrument web site. In come cases, we can work with you on special pricing to get you the instrument you need.

All guitars are brand new ‘in the box’ directly from the manufacturer, depending on availability. There are no guitar store ‘middlemen’ to add markup. The price for each guitar is paid in full by the student to Third Coast Music upfront at the time the order is placed and all sales are final. We are not responsible for frivolous orders, so please be sure of your commitment and choice before you buy. Should we run out of stock and have to order your guitar, you will be notified when we receive your instrument and will be happy to hold it for your pick up locally or, if you choose, ship it to you at your expense. Unfortunately, the manufacturers will not ‘drop-ship’ directly to you, as they do not sell directly to the public.


ALL instrument sales are priced at a very healthy discount from manufacturer’s advertised price. The price for your guitar discussed with you prior to your purchase. Additional shipping from Third Coast Music to another location within the United States is available on a case by case basis.


Based on League City’s location in the State of Texas, the average Houston Metro hourly rate from a commercial guitar outlet is $57.00 to $67.00 or more per clock HOUR, depending on location. This rate is billed by the hour. Other studios have similar rates. Third Coast Music is different. We bill you by the session. If your session runs longer than an hour, that’s okay. Our aim is to get you started playing from an entry level to the point where you can branch out into lead guitar, bass guitar, or advanced courses in other specialty areas. Some guitar lessons are given in person, but the large majority are given via LIVE video internet connection. Each lesson session typically lasts one hour, but we will work with you without charge to allow extra time to help you ‘get it’, time permitting.

The lessons consist of six sessions which will take you from knowing very little to knowing how to play some simple popular songs and well over 40 different chord configurations making you ready to learn many more songs on your own. During your last lesson when you try your knowledge of barre chords, you will be happily amazed at how many chords you now know and can play.

IMPORTANT!: Before you enroll, you must bring THREE things to the table:
1) A guitar that can stay in tune
2) a reasonably healthy sense of rhythm
3) a commitment to practicing regularly and to go through a little pain while you develop calluses on the tips of your fingers which typically takes about the first week to ten days. Once past that hurdle, it just gets more and more enjoyable! You absolutely MUST get through this initial period in order to progress.


Regardless of guitar purchase, our lessons are $25 per session for 6 sessions which we schedule with you. Lesson materials are supplied in advance of each lesson session. If the student is purchasing a guitar AND lessons, both are payable in advance simultaneously; non-refundable.


In short, it helps assure your COMMITMENT.

We have provided substantial time and funds to generate learning materials. Plus, we have established relationships with guitar manufacturers with the goal of helping you learn how to play guitar. Your upfront commitment may run $350 for instrument and lessons which is low by any standards. That fee paid upfront hopefully will keep you continuing the lesson program to its conclusion and continuing to play and enjoy a well-made acoustic/electric guitar for a long, long time to come. Your quitting prior to completing the program wouldn’t be beneficial for you and would be an expensive waste of time and resources for Third Coast Music.

Here at Third Coast Music, we WANT you to be successful!

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